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ONGOLE: Police probing into a teenage girl’s complaint of sexual abuse by a couple, said to be live-in partners, and another person, came across startling information about alleged sexual perversities of the woman. Her live-in partner, G Yedukondalu, jumped off the third floor of the building where he lived, when police had gone to take him into custody for questioning on Wednesday.

Abnormal sexual tendencies of Sumalatha, who was said to be in a live-in relationship with Yedukondalu, are said to have led to the entire sex scandal in which the teenage girl and some more unidentified victims were trapped. It is learnt that in his death statement, Yedukondalu, while confessing his involvement in the racket and other criminal activities, revealed that the woman behaved more like a man and had marked a preference for females as sex partners.

“In his statement before death, Yedukondalu revealed that Sumalatha had a peculiar sexual behaviour. She preferred engaging in sexual intercourse with other women/teenage girls than her male partner. This is a rare and strange case in my service,” a senior police officer explained to TNIE on the condition of anonymity.

To entice women, Sumalatha used to dress up like a man and assume male voice. She was so obsessed with assuming a male identity, she used to call herself ‘Saitaja Reddy’ in a bid to mask her gender. To obtain the phone numbers of girls, Vamsi, another accused and sales agent of a mobile phone company, used to help the couple, according to the police officer. The couple would first start a telephonic conversation to lure the victims into their residence where they were given sedative injections. After the girls fell unconscious, “Sumalatha would use sex toys to gain her gratification and leave them for the other two to handle,” said the officer.

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