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VIJAYAWADA: The Andhra Pradesh High Court on Thursday questioned the State government as to why no action was taken when mining activity was being carried out without establishing the proposed cement factory.

The HC bench comprising of Chief Justice JK Maheswari and Justice M Venkataramana made the observation while hearing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by V Muraliprasad Reddy of Tadipatir in Anantapur district in 2011 seeking the court give directions to the government for conducting a probe by an independent organisation into fraudulent actions of former minister and senior TDP leader JC Diwakar Reddy and his benamis in getting the lease of limestone quarries located in Konupplapadu village of Yadki mandal in Anantapur for the proposed Cement factory.

The court directed the respondents — Trisool Cements directors JC Pawan Reddy, his wife JC Samykukka Reddy and Puttamreddy Venugopal Reddy — to file a reply to the counter filed by the government. Adjourning the case hearing to January 21, the Bench said it would be the last adjournment and no more appeals for adjournments would be considered. During the arguments in the case, O Manohar Reddy, counsel for JC Pawan Reddy and others said they have filed a ‘wakalath’ on behalf of JC family members and requested for case adjournment.

However, the bench objected to the same and said the case hearing is continuing since 2011 and asked how much more time it should continue. It reminded that Diwakar Reddy rejecting the court notice. However, after repeated appeals from Manohar Reddy, the Bench adjourned the case hearing to January 21.

Hearing on plea of Mee Seva operators adjourned
Vijayawada: The AP High Court on Thursday adjourned the hearing on a petition filed by Mee Seva Operators Welfare Association challenging the GO 22 issued on December 16 shifting services being rendered by the Mee Seva Centres to the village and ward secretariats.  Justice Durgaprasad Rao said the court will hear the case on January 6.  Mee Seva Operators Welfare Association president Yugandar filed the writ petition claiming the GO will adversely affect the Mee Seva operators.

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