Three arrested in murder case

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The Anantapur police on Monday nabbed three accused in the Nallappareddypalle village murder case within nine days of the incident.

Presenting the three accused — Kuntala Pedda Veeranarappa, 64, K. Nagarjuna, 27, and K. Nagendra, 33, — Anantapur Deputy Superintendent of Police G. Veeraraghava Reddy said to usurp power to manage the affairs of Veeranarayanaswamy temple in the village in Narpala mandal, Pedda Veera Narappa and his two sons allegedly hacked Veeranarappa on July 20 on the village outskirts.

The police recovered the sickle and sticks used for the murder after chasing them at several places in the district and Kurnool district based on the tower locations of their cellphones. The DSP said three fled the village after committing the crime at 9 a.m. and did not switch on their cellphones to avoid detection. But only a two-minute switching on at two places gave the police the direction in which they were moving.

Itukalapalli Circle Inspector S. Vijaya Bhaskar and Narpala SI P. Phanindranadh Reddy interrogated the family members of the accused and checked at Dharmavaram, Vidapanakal and Pattikonda in Kurnool district before finally nabbing the accused on the run for eight days. The accused allegedly killed Veeranarappa to take over the management of the temple and also avenge the loss of face when they were allegedly found to be involved in selling the silver ornaments of the deity five years ago.

Veeranarappa’s father had reportedly exposed the accused in the theft case and got new silver ornaments made with pressure from the village elders and they were removed from responsibilities of the temple two years ago. The responsibilities are given to the five brothers in that family every year on Mahasivaratri by turn, but these three wanted an out-of-turn appointment, the DSP added.

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