TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu to visit Kurnool for three days from today- The New Indian Express

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By Express News Service

KURNOOL: The TDP district unit has made all arrangements for the three-day tour of party national president N Chandrababu Naidu to the district. The TDP supremo will reach Kurnool on Monday and stay for three days in the district headquarters.  

Naidu will hold Assembly-wise review meetings from December 2 to 4, TDP district unit president Somisetty Venkateswarlu said. On Monday, Naidu will hold district committee general body meeting. He will hold review meetings with party leaders in Adoni, Mantralayam, Yemmiganur, Dhone and Nandikotkur Assembly constituencies on the same day.

On the second day, he will hold review meetings with party office-bearers from Allagadda, Kodumur, Aluru, Pathikonda and Nandyal Assembly segments. On the final day of the three-day tour (Wednesday), Naidu will hold review meetings with party leaders in Banaganapalle, Panyam, Srisailam and Kurnool segments.  Somisetty said that several issues, including measures to strengthen party, attacks on TDP cadre and failures of the ruling YSRC government would be discussed.

Addressing the media, Somisetty accused the YSRC leaders of transporting sand to the neighbouring States illegally. “At present, sand rate is at Rs 6,000 per lorry. If illegal sand transportation to other States is stopped, the rate will come down to Rs 1,500 per lorry,” he claimed.

Speaking on the new liquor policy, Somisetty said people were going to Telengana to buy liquor as prices are high in AP.  He said bar owners were suffering losses.

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