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ONGOLE: A suspected case of coronavirus was identified in Prakasam district on Thursday. A 25-year-old techie of 5th Lane in Ramnagar in the city returned from France via Germany, Muscat and Bengaluru five days ago. As he has been suffering from high fever, cough, cold and stomach upset after arriving home, he visited the Government General Hospital (RIMS). After examining him, the doctors admitted the techie in ‘Novel Corona Isolation Ward’ set up at RIMS. As he is closely associated with his father, the doctors also admitted his father in the isolation ward as a precautionary measure though he is asymptomatic.

Having learnt about the suspected  Covid-19 case, medical and health staff visited his house and took all precautionary measures like spraying sodium hypochlorite, and created awareness among his family members as well as neighbours about precautions to be taken. Swabs from throat and blood samples of the person with suspected coronavirus symptoms were collected and sent to Hyderabad for diagnosis. “We are closely observing the patient’s health condition and symptomatic treatment is being given to him. As of now, he is stable. Bengaluru medical authorities are also visiting Ongole after being alerted about the suspected Covid-19 case,” DMHO K Padmavathi  told TNIE.

District Collector Pola Bhaskar directed the Medical and Health Department authorities to take all necessary precautions to combat coronavirus threat. He appealed to people not to be panic with the detection of a suspected coronavirus case in Ongole.  The government is taking all necessary precautions to tackle the coronavirus threat, he said.

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