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VIJAYAWADA: AP Legislature Secretary (in-charge) P Balakrishnamacharyulu is learnt to have rejected the file sent from the AP Legislative Council Chairman MA Shariff’s office directing him to take steps for the constitution of Select Committee to review the AP Decentralisation and Inclusive Development of all Regions Bill 2020 and APCRDA Act Repeal Bill.

After the Chairman referring the said bills to the Select Committee using his discriminatory powers on January 22, he sent the file for the formation of the Select Committee to the Secretary and the latter sent it back mentioning that it is not possible to constitute selection committee as due procedures, like moving the Motion raising objections by the opposition MLCs and voting in the House, were not followed.

With this, the Council Chairman once again sent the file to the Secretary reportedly on Thursday instructing him to release the bulletin for constituting Select Committee. The Chairman also warned of taking disciplinary action against the Secretary in case of disobeying the directions. However, the Secretary once again returned the file to the Chairman’s office.

The action of the Secretary came under severe criticism from the TDP as the MLCs of the party said they were exploring all options, including the legal action, against the Secretary. Chairman has the prerogative to use his discretionary powers and the onus of respecting the same lies on the Secretary.

However, the ruling YSRC defended the Secretary saying that he has taken the decision as per the rules. Stating that stalemate on the two bills will continue for some more time, YSRC Chief Whip in the Council Ummareddy Venkateswarulu observed that the bills will not expire with proroguing the session.

“However, we are considering two options — sending the bills for getting the consent of the Governor considering both the bills deemed to have passed by the Council and issuing an ordinance on the two bills,” he said.

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