Scores of hamlets in Agency marooned

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Continuous rains brought life to a standstill in the Agency areas, with over a hundred tribal hamlets in various mandals being cut off from the mainland on Tuesday.

The heavy rains caused several rivulets and streams to be in spate, as bus services were halted and weekly shandies remained closed at several places.

According to sources, the Matsyagedda stream has been overflowing in Pedabayalu and Munchingputtu mandals since the last two days due to heavy rains. On Tuesday morning, several roads were washed off as rainwater overflowed on to the roads, disconnecting three panchayats in Pedabayulu mandal.

Many roads were partially damaged in Paderu, Chintapalle, and Munchingputtu mandals. The worst-affected are the ‘Kuccha’ roads, as most of the roads in the Visakha agency are not made of cement concrete (CC) or bitumen (BT).

It was learnt that many minor waterfalls in Chintapalle, G. Madugula, Paderu, Ananthagiri, Sileru and a few other areas have become active.

Officials on alert

Sub-Collector of Paderu, G. Venkateswar, said that on Tuesday morning, they received information that roads to three panchayats were partially cut-off due to overflowing streams.

“Alerted of the situation, officials of Revenue, ITDA have already arranged food supplies in those hamlets for the tribals. We are monitoring the situation closely and there is nothing to worry,” Mr. Venkateswar said.

The Sub-Collector also said that a few days ago, a similar situation prevailed in Munchingputtu mandal and added that it was handled well.

Deficit rainfall

Mr. Venkateswar said Munchingput is the only mandal which has received about 40% excess rainfall this year. In all other mandals in the district, there is a 10-15% deficit rainfall, the Sub-Collector said.

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