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VIJAYAWADA: With an advertisement to promote pilgrimage to Jerusalem on the APSRTC bus tickets issued for the journey from Tirupati to Tirumala snowballing into controversy, the Endowments department ordered an inquiry on Friday. 

An image of the ticket issued by APSRTC for bus journey from Tirupati to Tirumala having the advertisement for a pilgrimage to Jerusalem went viral on social media, leading to severe criticism from the pilgrims. BJP leaders took the opportunity to hold the Government responsible for it and criticized its negligent attitude. 

Responding on the issue, Minister for Endowments Velampalle Srinivas said they have already ordered for a problem into the issue. He said in the preliminary inquiry it came to light that the tickets were published during TDP government for promoting the government-sponsored Jerusalem Pilgrimage scheme. 

The rolls of the tickets printed were meant for distribution to Nellore depot, but they were sent to Tirupati depot in violation of rules. “Stern action will be initiated against those responsible for the lapse,” he said. 

Minister also took exception to the Opposition making every small thing a major issue and linking it to the Chief Minister. He also found fault with some TV channels for intentionally highlight issue and will take legal action against such people.

He held previous TDP government responsible for the demolition of 40 temples, occult rituals in Kanaka Durga and Srikalahasti temples. Velamppalli claimed Chandrababu Naidu responsible for the lease of Temple lands to his near and dear and held him responsible for the deaths of 29 people during Godavari pushkaralu.  He reminded that P Manikyala Rao of BJP was endowment minister. 

According to the Purchase order issued on March 5, 2019, Perfect Coated Papers India Private Limited was asked to print the advertisement on 60,000 ticket rolls and the same were to be supplied to Nellore and Kadapa zones

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