Karnataka Woman Amulya Leona Who Said Pakistan Zindabad Has “Naxal Links”: BS Yediyurappa

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Woman Who Said 'Pakistan Zindabad' Has Naxal Links: BS Yediyurappa

Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa slammed the woman for the remarks. (File)


  • Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa slammed the woman for the remarks
  • Woman charged with sedition for “Pak Zindabad” slogan at anti-CAA protest
  • Amulya Leona raised slogan at protest where Asaduddin Owaisi was present


A Karnataka woman, who has been charged with sedition after she said Pakistan Zindabad (Long live Pakistan) at a protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act or CAA in Bengaluru on Thursday, has “Naxal links”, Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa said today.

The young woman, identified as Amulya Leona, said Pakistan Zindabad at the protest on Thursday where Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi was also present. She was charged with sedition, arrested soon after the event, and sent to a 14-day judicial custody.

Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa today said the woman should be punished for making such remarks. “Her own father has said – ‘break her arms and legs, she should not get bail. I will not protect her’,” the 76-year-old BJP leader told reporters.

“Secondly, and very importantly, the groups behind these people, the ones who are growing people like Amulya…. action has to be taken against them and they should be investigated properly. It will then be known who is backing her. There is proof that she has connections with Naxals. She should be punished and action should be taken against those organisations,” he further said.

On Thursday, Asaduddin Owaisi and several other men rushed to the stage when Amulya Leona said “Pakistan Zindabad (Long live Pakistan)”.

In a video from the event, several men are seen trying to drag her away amid a chaos. She manages to pull herself free, says “Hindustan Zindabad (Long Live India)”. Just before she is taken away again, she is heard saying: “The difference between Hindustan Zindabad and Pakistan Zindabad is….”

In a Facebook post last week, Amulya, 19, had written: “Whatever country may be – long live for all the countries!”. “Long Live India! Long Live Pakistan! Long Live Bangladesh! Long Live Sri Lanka! Long live Nepal! Long live Afghanistan! Long Live China! Long Live Bhutan!,” she had posted in Kannada

Mr Owaisi distanced himself and his party from the sloganeering at Thursday’s anti-CAA protest in Bengaluru, saying, “We, in no way, support our enemy nation Pakistan.”

Amulya’s father also criticised her. “What Amulya said is wrong. She was joined by some Muslims and wasn’t listening to me,” he told news agency ANI.

A case has also been filed against some men, linked to a right-wing group, for throwing stones at Amulya’s home last night after the anti-CAA event.

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