‘Humanism’ is my religion, ‘keeping up my word’ is my caste says Jagan rebutting criticism- The New Indian Express

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GUNTUR: Amid criticism by the opposition parties over his religion and caste, Andhra Pradesh chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on Monday gave a sharp rebuttal to his detractors saying, “humanism is my religion and keeping up my word is my caste”.

Jagan said his detractors were making remarks on his religion and caste are unable to “digest” the development his government is making in the state.

Jagan was speaking at the launch of Dr YSR Aarogyasri Aasara aimed at providing Post-Operative Sustenance (YSR Arogyasri Asara) allowance of Rs 225 per day or Rs 5000 per month during the recuperative period after treatment at the Guntur General Hospital in Guntur.

Announcing a slew of measures to transform the health care sector in the state, he said all government medicare facilities right from sub-centers, PHCs, CHCs, area hospitals, district hospitals and teaching hospitals will be developed under the ‘Nadu-Nenu’ (Before-After). “My government will change the face of government hospitals in the next three years by spending Rs 13,000 crore,” he said adding that seven teaching hospitals will also be established in the state.

These teaching hospitals will come up in Vizianagaram, Paderu in Visakhapatnam, Eluru, Gurazala, Machilipatnam, Markapuram and Pulivendula.

“For the construction of these hospitals, my government need a huge amount of funds. I know it is difficult to get these funds and I do not have any magic wand to get the money instantly but I have the blessings of the god and people to march ahead with my vision,” he said.

“It is natural that detractors try to make an issue out of nothing when we are going ahead with such a developmental agenda. Irrespective of the conspiracies being hatched by my detractors, I will stand tough on my word and will go ahead,” he said.

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