Despite ban, demand for plaster of paris idols on the rise for Ganesh festival in Vizag- The New Indian Express

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VISAKHAPATNAM: Rules are conveniently violated for Ganesh festival in Vizag where artisans continue to make idols with plaster of paris though the government has banned it. An artisan said people are only concerned about how impressive an idol looks, not about the increasing prices of raw materials. 

Madhavi, who hails from a traditional potter family said, “Clay cannot support huge idols and the demand is more for huge idols. Plaster of paris comes cheap and it supports huge idols.” Currently, artisans on an average make 32 to 40 medium-sized Ganesh Plaster of Paris idols in the city. Artisans, wishing to earn more by making huge clay idols choose not to make them — the raw material is expensive. However, the artisans continue to make medium-sized Plaster of Paris idols. 

There are some contractors who hire special artisans from West Bengal and Jharkhand to make huge Ganesh and Durga idols for Dussehra ahead. “With time, the prices of raw materials has only increased. However, when the customers don’t pay as much, it gets very difficult to get decent returns,” Kolkata Maa Durga Idols proprietor Kokhan said. 

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