Demolition ops begin with RCC ramp on riverfront

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Three months after the demolition of ‘Praja Vedika,’ an unauthorised structure built by the TDP government, the Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority initiated action against unauthorised private properties that were built in the Krishna River’s floodplain area, at Undavalli village of Guntur district on Monday.

The drive began with the demolition of the RCC ramp constructed on agriculture land owned by Paturu Koteswara Rao. At least 10 metres of the ramp was jutting into the river with the support of pillars, an official said. There is also a room with RCC roof adjoining the ramp.

Workers engaged by the CRDA had to wear life jackets while demolishing the structure piece by piece with sledgehammers.

“We issued notices months ago. The owners responded but couldn’t provide a valid reason for the construction of the ramp. The case was then disposed of and on Saturday, we gave the speaking order,” CRDA zonal assistant director T. Narendranath Reddy told The Hindu.

“The construction has no permission and there were no dwellers in the property. We have initiated the demolition in accordance with the instructions given by the higher authorities,” Mr. Reddy said. The property is close to Aqua Devils Welfare Association Club and Tulasi Gardens on the karakatta road and not too far from the temporary residence of TDP national president N. Chandrababu Naidu.

Mr. Reddy said provisional notices have been issued to owners of l 29 unauthorised structures and due course of action would be initiated against them.

Five cases in HC

According to CRDA, for five buildings, confirmation orders have been issued along with speaking orders till date as it found that there was no merit in the grounds mentioned by the owners. The CRDA is examining the explanation submitted by the remaining owners and of them, five cases are before the High Court.

In one of the structures owned by industrialist Lingamaneni Ramesh, former CM and TDP national president N. Chandrababu Naidu is residing temporarily. On September 20, a fresh notice was served to Mr. Ramesh asking him to remove the structure within one week.

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