Colleague Of Telangana Revenue Official, Burnt Alive By Land Owner, Dies

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Colleague Of Telangana Revenue Official, Burnt Alive By Land Owner, Dies

The 52-old revenue official died at a hospital today, the police said.


A 52-old revenue official, injured in an attempt to save a woman tahsildar set ablaze by a man near Hyderabad last month, died at a hospital today, the police said.

K Chandraiah, an office subordinate, died in the early hours at a private hospital in Hyderabad, a senior police official said.

With his death, the toll has risen to four in the incident which led to protests by the revenue department staff in Telangana demanding steps to ensure their safety.

Political parties too had condemned the attack.

Tahsildar Vijaya Reddy was set on fire in her office at Abdullapurmet by a man over some land dispute on November 4.

The 37-year old woman official was charred to death on the spot while her driver Gurunatham and Chandraiah had suffered burns in their attempt to rescue her.

The two, along with accused K Suresh, who too was injured, were admitted to different hospitals.

Mr Gurunatham died on November 5 while the accused two days later after the incident.

The accused had told the police that he was a farmer and also working in real estate and had some dispute over a seven-acre agriculture land co-owned by him and his brother and leased to a tenant.

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