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VIJAYAWADA: Chief Secretary Nilam Sawhney said that the proposal for land allotment of a 4,000 MW solar power plant in Kolimigundla mandal of Kurnool district was under the government’s consideration.

She also said that the government would resolve in a week various pending issues pertaining to the 1,000 MW ultra mega solar park in Kadapa.

Speaking in a review meeting on solar power generation and renewable power proposals in pipeline with chief secretaries of other Stated, held by union cabinet secretary Rajiv Gauba on Thursday, Nilam Sawhney  said, “The Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) Ltd has come forward to set up a 4,000 MW solar plant in Kolimigundla mandal (Kurnool). The land allotment for the proposal is under government’s consideration. Similarly, steps are being taken to clear the bottlenecks in a week for the establishment of a 1,000 MW plant in Kadapa.”

She further explained the status of various projects under execution. She noted that various projects were in different stages of commissioning under the first and second phases of the Green Energy Corridor. 

The 1,000 MW solar ultra mega park established in Kurnool and 500 MW solar park commissioned in Talari under solar power evacuation scheme were already generating power, she observed.

Energy Secretary Srikant Nagulapalli was also present in the meeting.

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