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VIJAYAWADA: Yet another TDP leader and former MLA JC Prabhakar Reddy and his son JC Asmit Reddy were arrested in Hyderabad by Anantapur police on Saturday early hours in connection with the BS-III vehicles scam.  They were taken to Anantapur One Town Police Station.

Police registered cases against them following a complaint from the transport department. Companies owned by TDP leader and his family were charged with using forged documents to get BS-III vehicles registered as BS-IV vehicles and sell them. Around 154 vehicles were sold in such a manner.

Earlier this year, cases of cheating were registered against JC Uma Reddy, wife of former MLA JC Prabhakar Reddy and C Gopal Reddy, a close associate of JC brothers in Anantapur One Town Police Station based on the complaint from the Transport department that the companies owned by the duo have resorted to forgery and cheating in the registration of lorries.

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As per the Supreme Court directions, BS-III vehicles were banned from April 1, 2017, and during that time the two companies – Jatadhar Industries and Gopalakrishna and Co had purchased 66 lorries (BS-III vehicles), which were unsold inventory with Ashok Leyland as scrap.

Later it was found that number of vehicles purchased was 154 vehicles. 

However, the documents of those vehicles were forged and they were shown as BS-IV vehicles while having them registered in Nagaland. In just two weeks, those vehicles were brought to Anantapur.

In due course, 154 vehicles were sold and some are operating in AP and some are operating in Karnataka and Telangana. 

According to Transport department officials, a total of 24 cases were registered in Anantapur district and three cases in Kurnool district. Further, the Transport department cancelled the registration of 101 vehicles and seized 62 vehicles to date. 

Meanwhile, TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu condemned the arrests of Prabhakar Reddy and his son Asmit Reddy and described it as an act of vengeance by Jagan Government.

He said false cases are being foisted against TDP leaders and they are being arrested.  JC Diwakar Reddy and other TDP leaders also condemned the arrests.

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