Andhra Government Gives Rs 8 Lakh Reward For Maharashtra Anti-Terror Squad

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Impressed with the Maharashtra ATS, the Andhra Pradesh government announced a reward for them


The Andhra Pradesh government has announced a reward of Rs 8 lakh for the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) team which arrested seven Maoists last year, an official said on Wednesday.

The state anti-terror squad or ATS in January last year raided some eastern suburbs of Mumbai and arrested seven Maoists of the Golden Corridor Committee, which was formed to spread their ideology in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Later, during further investigation, the ATS arrested one more rebel, an official told news agency Press Trust of India.

Maoist leader Krishna Lingayya Ghoshka, who also goes by the name Venugopalan, and was wanted by Andhra Pradesh police in connection with a case in 2012, was among those arrested at the time.

The Maharashtra government recently received a communication from Andhra Pradesh that there was a reward of Rs 8 lakh on Venugopalan, an official said.

Appreciating the probe carried by the Maharashtra ATS, the Andhra Pradesh government subsequently announced a reward of Rs 8 lakh for the investigation team, he said.

The reward amount along with an appreciation letter was, accordingly, sent by the intelligence department at Hyderabad to Maharashtra Director General of Police, he said.

A government resolution issued by the Maharashtra home department last week gave a nod to accept the cash reward.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Mohankumar Dahikar, Assistant Commissioner of Police Sunil Wadke, police inspectors Sanjay Marathe, Bhaskar Kadam and seven other personnel of the investigating team will share the reward amount, the official said.

The ATS, in a charge sheet filed recently in connection with the case, said it believed that these Maoists were working to form a so-called ‘golden corridor’, covering Mumbai and neighboring cities of north Maharashtra, and south Gujarat (including Surat).

The chargesheet also claimed that young people were recruited to join the Maoist movement and take up arms to fight in the areas dominated by ultras.

Besides Venugopalan, the others rebels arrested by the ATS were Satyanarayan Karrella, Babu Wanguri, Shankarayya Gunde, Ravi Marampelli, Ramesh Golala, Narsayya Jumpala and Saidul Singapanga.

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