A big letdown for A.P., says Vijaya Sai Reddy

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The Union government has given “zero” (nothing) to Andhra Pradesh in the Budget, said YSR Congress Party Parliamentary Party leader V. Vijaya Sai Reddy.

Addressing the media in New Delhi after the Budget speech by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, Mr. Vijaya Sai Reddy said A.P. got its share from the Central pool of taxes and nothing extra. The YSRCP has 22 Lok Sabha MPs and two Rajya Sabha MPs.

He said the budgetary target of integrating the power grid in the country into one was laudable.

India rising from the 13th place to the sixth place in purchasing power in a matter of three years was also laudable.

There was no mention of the Metro Rail projects in A.P., he pointed out. The Finance Minister said that 1.95 crore houses would be built for eligible persons, but it remains to be seen how many would be built in A.P., Mr. Vijaya Sai Reddy said.

Loan linkage

While Zero Budget Natural Farming was mentioned, no details were given about the benefit to farmers and the States. Each Self Help Group (SHG), particularly DWCRA, would be given ₹5,000 overdraft and ₹1 lakh loan linkage and this was a laudable proposal, he said. When it came to disinvestment, it was being done very discreetly. Making cash-rich public sector companies to invest in loss-making public sector companies was not a sound proposal, Mr. Vijaya Sai Reddy said. Leader of the YSRCP in the Lok Sabha, P. V. Midhun Reddy termed the Budget disappointing from A.P.’s point of view. There was no mention of the Special Category Status (SCS) and bifurcation promises made in Parliament, he added.

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