4 Posh Kochi Apartment Complexes To Be Razed In Mega Demolition Begins Today Kerala

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800 kg of explosives will be stacked in the buildings to demolish them in a highly controlled manner.


Over 350 flats in Kochi – that housed 240 families – will be razed to the ground from today as Kerala government is set to conduct one of the largest demolition drives in India involving residential complexes. The unprecedented exercise comes four months after the Supreme Court ordered the demolition of four residential buildings in a posh lakeside location in the city over violation of coastal regulation norms.

Massive arrangements have been made for the two-day demolition that begins at 11 am when the first building will be razed to the ground within seconds, followed by the second demolition in a gap in five minutes. The two other buildings will be demolished tomorrow.

800 kilograms of explosives will be stacked in the buildings to demolish them in a highly controlled manner of implosion where the debris will fall inwards.

Large gatherings have been banned till 4 pm in the evacuation zone of all the water front apartment complexes to be demolished in Kochi’s Maradu area, the police said. All traffic – air-borne, water-borne and on land – is prohibited in the evacuation zone.

The residents in the evacuation zone have been asked to switch off electricity and all the appliances before leaving their homes. They are advised to close all windows and doors to protect their home from dust. Temporary relief centres have been opened for the residents of the evacuation zone.

After all the occupants of the apartment complexes moved out, authorities had removed all the windows and other things from the building and all what remains is a skeleton structure.

In September last year, the Supreme Court had ordered the demolition of the four buildings in Maradu for violating the Coastal Regulation Zone rules. The top court gave 138 days for the demolition, a timeline set by the Kerala government.

The court also had ordered payment of a compensation of Rs 25 lakh each to those who lost their homes.

The 18-floor H2O Holyfaith apartment complex with 90 flats and the Alfa Serene complex with 73 flats will be demolished today.

While two 17-storeyed residential buildings – Jain Coral Cove and Golden Kayaloram will be demolished tomorrow, authorities said.

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