4.5 lakh cusecs of water being discharged from Prakasam Barrage

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With the Prakasam Barrage on the Krishna River constantly receiving heavy inflow since Tuesday from the Pulichintala project lying upstream, over 4.5 lakh cusecs of water was being discharged to the sea as of 11 a.m. The reservoir was holding water slightly more than its capacity of 3.07 tmcft even though most of the inflow was let out.

The inflow was steady at 4.5 lakh cusecs and the outflow has been inching closer to second warning level of 5.66 lakh cusecs at the Barrage. All the 70 crest gates of the Barrage have been lifted. District administration ensured evacuation of people residing in flood prone areas between Vijayawada and the mandals near the confluence point.

When the outflow touched 3.96 lakh cusecs during the early hours, authorities sounded the first level warning.

Six farmers rescued

Six farmers who were stuck in Krishna at Papavinasanam of Ghantasala mandal have been rescued by the teams of AP Fire Services, the NDRF and police departments.

Pulichintala has been receiving a steady inflow of 6.09 lakh cusecs of water and the outflow was 4.91 lakh cusecs. Similarly, Srisailam is receiving steady inflow of 8.25 lakh cusecs of water and the outflow at 8.93 lakh cusecs was more than the inflow.

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